Why do I feel especially domestic during the Fall?  I was at the grocery store the other day and had time in the checkout line to look at the new Fall editions of all the mags.  Aren't their covers beautiful?  Don't they intice?  Pumpkins as votives!  Squash centerpieces!  Hearths arrayed with cornucopias of harvest goodness.  Recipes to die for…yummy pies and cakes and puddings.  Cute Halloween treats and tricks for the kids.  Harvest dinners with little acorn place settings and leaf and indian corn napkin rings.  Will this be the year?  Benjamin is already counting on making "monster pudding"  and we put up our few Halloween decorations this past weekend. 

While I sure love all those layouts and the colors of the Fall, I don't like the idea that just because there's a cool display of graham cracker crusts and pumpkin pie filling at

[insert grocery store name here], I suddenly feel like making pumpkin pie.  I think this time of year is a celebration of all that God's earth has done for us.  The colors are rich, the earth is ready to slow.  The harvests are ripe and full and the days beg for reflection and preparation.  Looking to simplify this year and enjoy the season  a bit more.  Slow down.  Rake leaves.  Jump in them.  Laugh and celebrate and rejoice!Thingsilike40809

Note:  These pictures have really nothing to do with this post except I like them and they came from one of my favorite no-longer-in-existence magazines Domino. 

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  1. Heidi October 20, 2009 at 2:06 am - Reply

    Love all the pictures, make me happy when i look the it.
    Happy halloween, we do not celebrate that in holland.

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