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Did you notice?

I have a new "me" picture over there on the left….

I decided it was time since I’m always wearing the same shirt in practically all pictures of me!

I sat down in our hallway and just snapped away – hoping you wouldn’t notice my gnarly hair and my freckles….this one worked well because it covered them all! (ha!)

You can see little B there in the background – he had fun running to me and trying to touch the lens and then running away.

Also my most favorite jeans in the entire world.  They are hole-y and falling apart and absolutely comfortable!  I <heart> these jeans….Lucky Brand from way back in 2001.  Bought them in Brookline, MA at the Chestnut Hill Mall.  Good memories….


Rambling, I know.  That’s what some Wednesdays are for, I guess….

Ramble on…

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