Devon – Senior Portraits 2010 | Amarillo Senior Portrait Photography

This photo shoot was so fun.  Amazing light, great locations, lots of laughing and just hangin' out.  We just walked around, laughed a lot and It didn't really even seem like work.  Devon is a great kid with a wonderful future and just like the song says, he's gonna shine.

This is actually the first slideshow/video I've ever made for a client – something I'm going to start doing more  - it was seriously fun and addicting…Reminds me of the wonderful couple of years I spent working with an amazing creator and friend – Mickey Corcoran.  He owns and operates Plastic Cow Productions, Inc. out of Burbank, California.  We worked on CraftTVWeekly together – he produced and did everything (along with some other fabulous people) while I got to create scrapbook pages and projects, even jewelry.  I taught  on-camera and also got  hair fixed and makeup done by the same people who work on Donald Trump.  I'm not kidding. Oh the life!  You can see one of the webisodes here. (oh my gosh I hate watching myself talk).  Anyway, Mickey is an editor extraordinaire.  His company works on huge projects – some of their own and some for the likes of Disney etc.  His editing is on a grand-scale and is awesome to see.

Mine?  Not so much….my little MacPro chugs along though and I am lovin' the results.

I hope you do too.



P.S.  Don't forget my giveaways this month! (See below)  I think this "month" of giveaways is actually turning into a COUPLE of months since I have so many cute things just for you guys.  Always stay tuned – you never know when I'll put something new up!!

Blessings for the weekend you guys….




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  1. Heidi April 17, 2010 at 3:29 am - Reply

    What a great slideshow, love the photo’s you did a great job. (is that good english?)

  2. Bethany April 17, 2010 at 10:13 am - Reply

    Heidi – great English!! 🙂

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