It was a beautiful day – bright and sunny and full of promise.

Happiness, nerves and some beautiful shoes awaited.


The rings were beautiful – almost as lovely as the bride and groom.


The bride sat.  Hands nervously twirling –  circling the finger that awaited.


As time approached, he waited too.


For her.


Her flowers as red as her blushing cheeks and happy heart.


Eyes only for each other.


  The hands were calm, still and certain.


As were their smiles.


Time to party!




and to live happily ever after.


(You might have seen some of these images before over on my new weddings only site.  If not, check it out I am more than thrilled to be focusing more on weddings….something near and dear to my heart.  What better place to flex your photography muscles than capturing the most important day in a person's life?  I'll be bringing some fun new feature articles to the blog too – more wedding and bride-centric.  Should be beautiful!)