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D + N | Amarillo Wedding Photographer

As I sit here on a snowy afternoon, alternatively editing, making Christmas party reindeer shaped sandwiches for the Kindergartener, emailing, cleaning, doing laundry, I turn to the blog because I have so much to share and show.

With the busy year winding down and the cold settling in to every nook and cranny, I hope to reflect on this amazing year and look ahead to 2011.  I don't know what it will bring, but I am excited!

But first, Dale and Nicole's wedding.

With a dress like this, you know the day is going to be spectacular.


And details like this make me verra verrra happy.


The handsome groom in preparation for his lovely bride. Notice the bit of wheat in the boutonniere.  

Nicole specifically wanted wheat throughout her decor and arrangements.  Coming from a farming family (I almost typed "farmily"), this is a huge part of their lives.



Now for the girls.  Can we all collectively agree that they are GORGEOUS?! 


I love those last minute touch ups and quiet moments.

One of the most tender moments is always the breath before the walk down the aisle.  It's a delicate dance to not only capture all the emotions but to not disrupt something so beautiful.  

This church was especially lovely.  Every corner had beautiful art and craftsmanship and the ceremony was full of tradition and meaning.


Let's go have some fun!!!!




And when we say party, what we really mean is DANCING.


I love this shot.  The grain feels vintage and old-hollywood to me.

The reception was full of dancing, dancing and more dancing.  Born and raised a Texas girl through and through, I've been around my share of cowboys and their girls.  Boot scootin' and hats.  But I have never seen dancers like these.  Amazing and so much fun to watch.  My toes tapped and even though I didn't join in (workin' girl you know) ….my inner cowgirl was a toe-tappin' and a twirlin'.  

And a-smilin' and a-laughin' all the way home. 



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