Dsc_00031359 The boys are playing with my old Weebles Treehouse.  Annie is sitting on the floor and trying to figure out how to fall over gracefully so she can creep forward and get a toy just out of her reach.  The wind is blowing cold.    I’m busy creating and watching and playing and packaging.  I’ve been working on some new things these past few days that I*am*so*excited*about. (I know you’re not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition…sorry!)  I get in these creative crazies sometimes as I’m sure other artsy-craftsy people can relate to….pouring yourself into something until you’re empty – or I guess you could say filling yourself up with a new idea until your cup is brimming and spills over.  (That’s a more positive spin on it, eh?)  I know some people hate those posts that are like "I have something really cool to tell you/show you but it’s a secret and I can’t….and I’m sorry that this post is one of those.  But I’m not finished yet!  I can’t show you an unfinished project!!!!  (oh the horror! 😉