Stopping at the farmer's market peach stand.  Eating juicy plums and showing the kids "baby grapes."  Rolling into town finally.  So excited to be there and anticipating our longer-than-usual visit.  Waking up to smells of coffee and laughing children downstairs.  Playing and playing and playing and playing some more.  Lazy days with nothing to do except sit and chat and enjoy one another (all while the kids play a bit more).  Watching movies.  Shopping and finding adorable dresses with help of shopper-wise sister.  Huge malls and long walks.  Eating yummy pizza with even more beautiful family.  Laughing and talking and playing the Wii.  Guitar Heroes R us.  Driving and driving some more.  Dinosaurs and heat.  Sweaty heads and backs.  Digging in dirt for fossils and then driving some more to river. Let's see the dinosaur tracks.   River dry but fun watering hole.  Playing some more.  Reading books.  Driving home and packing up.  More Wii and laughing.  So much fun.

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