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I've been consciously making an effort to slow down my days.  It seems as if there's always something to be done, someone to call or email.  Somewhere to take the kids.  Something to make or do or buy or read or check or package.  A class to take or book to study…a new technique to master or a new pile of laundry to wash.  In order to manage this little life that I have (and the lives of the three precious ones I'm in charge of), I am slowing down.  The world tells us to organize better (which is good) or multi-task more (mmmmm….still not convinced this is good), or work longer hours (definitely not good) or abandon priorities (bad, bad, bad).  I, on the other hand, could get more done if I were more intentional about the things that I do, focusing on things one at a time vs. thinking ahead and fretting all the while.  I may not get everything done I *could* have accomplished had I hopped on the computer fast as Dash first thing in the morning (kudos to those out there who get that reference) but I imagine I'll be happier in the long run.  Nothing ruins my mood faster than being rushed for time. 

So where to start?  

Yesterday it was with a cup of tea.  A cup of tea and reading.  I read my verses and the day aligned.  I focused on tasks at hand.  I didn't get the blog updated but I made and packaged oodles of bracelets.  I organized my awful linen "closet." (Doesn't sound like  a priority but that's because you hadn't witnessed the gross amount of stuffage).  I gave Gillian a bath.  I took photos and edited.  I sang all day.  I had ideas and wrote them down.  I received some of these in the mail from the lab.  I made dinner.  Litttle things.  All done with focus. 




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