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Bethany Fields Art Consulting

What do you want out of your art career and what steps are you taking to get there?

I was asked these questions early on in my artistic journey and it has changed the way I focus, prepare, and walk towards my goals. I talk with artists everyday who are stuck in a repetitive cycle of frustration and defeating mentalities regarding their work, their success, and their happiness.

The important thing to remember….

Why are you an artist?

Have you thought about this lately? If not, I encourage you to sit down today with a pen and paper.  Physically write down three reasons you chose a life of creativity.  It doesn’t matter if you are a full-time professional or a student new to your medium..everyone needs the occasional boost of remembrance.

Bethany Fields Artist

The most common thought expressed to me is:

“I want to express emotion, feeling, and creativity.”

(and then…)

“But I don’t want to be poor doing it.”

Artist’s are dreamers and doers – dedicated, imaginative, and visionary souls.  The issue nowadays is in order for people to see your vision you have to get it in front of them!  How will anyone experience your artistic expression if you are creating in a bubble? In 2011, a study calculated there were over 2 million artists in the US alone.  So how do you stand out?  How does the average art client, museum, gallery, viewer react to your work if they aren’t exposed to it?  This is where I can help you.

Every year, I take on a few consulting clients.  I love encouraging and motivating others to achieve their dreams and goals. Here are a few areas where I can offer help:

Personal art critiques and lessons

Do you need someone to talk to about your work? Struggling with a painting and not sure where to go? I can help you with solid technique and helpful feedback. Most importantly, I am here to encourage, motivate, and grow your art vision.

Brand creation and insight

I can help you develop your own personal art brand and more firmly establish your niche. Let’s sort through this together!

Social media integration for artists

Does social media give you fits? Let me help you! I share great tips for keeping your clients and fans engaged!

Editing Portfolio and Submission Materials

Would you like to submit your portfolio more often but don’t know how? A plethora of major exhibits are wanting new work all the time and this is a wonderful way to be seen at many local and national levels.

Artist Statement, Resume, and Bio Writing

I have experience writing and designing resumes, biographies, artist statements, and critiquing websites (and how they can be improved). In the busy day-to-day in the studio, sometimes it’s difficult to objectively process who we are and what we do. Communicating with wit, eloquence, sincerity, and brevity is the key in our technological age.

(I do not offer legal advice for licensing, gallery contracts, or grant writing.)

Bethany Fields Consulting

How it Works:

I only take on a few consulting clients per year so please email me for availability and details. I strive to create and customize each consulting experience, focusing on your particular needs. Rates are monthly and there is zero long-term commitment. I do most of my communication via email, FaceTime, and in the near future, via a private FB group.

Bethany Fields Consulting

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