They are everywhere…(well, duh…I’m not being philosophical here).  But I guess sometimes I’m amazed at how they play with each other.  Like the picture here of my birdbath in the backyard.  I was so surprised at the depth of colors in this picture because it didn’t look like that to the passing eye.  You had to really look. 

I’ve been doing that a lot lately, actually.  LookingReally trying to see.  Not just passing by and glancing.  But really looking at my world.  The things in it.  What I spend my time doing and thinking about.  Where I am and my mindset.  And most importantly, those people around me and who they are and how they’re getting where they’re going, too.

I really don’t have anything great to say here.  Nothing that profound.  I’m not going to philosophize.  But I am going to say that I like to watch my people.  And my world…..and my birdbath.

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