And the Winner of the $50.00 Gift card selected via (selecting comment #15) is MARCI MUNO!!!!! Please contact me so I can get your your gift card and you can get some Brad Pitt and cheese!!!

Remember my MONTH OF GIVEAWAYS isn’t over yet – stay tuned tomorrow for another fabulous prize (this time from a cutie-cute sweet Etsy seller!!)

Okay guys!  I told you on FB that giveaway #2 would commence shortly…and I also said it might (or might not) have something to do with Brad Pitt and Cheese.  Now.  I’m sure you believed me but maybe in your heart of hearts, you were doubting.  Doubt no more little grasshopper.

This week’s giveaway is for:


Yay!!  Aren’t you thrilled?

If I were you I’d buy this:

A few notes:

That cheese looks like cake!  Is this guy Rob?  Or Murray?  I confused.  I do love cheese.

You could also buy this:


A few notes about this:  That hair is so cool.  Why have I never heard of this movie? Four stars??  Wow!  (For those on FB that mentioned that BP was looking a little…um….disheveled lately I found this almost-clean-shaven chiseled movie just for you).


How to win?  Just comment on this blog post please!!  I will randomly choose a winner NEXT TUESDAY,  APRIL 13, 2010.  Wahoo! This giveaway is unfortunately available for US RESIDENTS ONLY.  πŸ™‚

Oh and please don’t forget about Giveaway #1.  $200 towards your photo session to be used anytime this year!!!

And because I feel like it, here are just a few pics of the cuteness I got to witness yesterday.