DSC_00132616 Oh boy….lately I've been doing a LOT of refereeing.  I know I constantly talk about going to the pool – well, mostly it's just to keep these boys busy all day.  You see, summer fatigue has hit.  They love and annoy each other constantly.  There is a sibling rivalry brewing and now it's bubbling over.  Lately my rules have been, if you yell at each other you have to go outside.  If you run and tackle each other, outside.  If you do anything to disrupt what I would like to be a peaceful house, please go outside.    Afterall, I know that with boys you get more physicality and while I don't want to squelch that, I also need my sanity!  Today we are doing laundry (fun) and I'm sure we'll be outside a lot too.  🙂

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