100_4813 I just love it. 

Why I love my days at home.

When Benjamin gets four shots (like he did today) and he is cranky and sad and hurting -  I love being able to comfort him.

When Colin wants to play Buzz Lightyear and trucks and cars and airplanes and Cowboys and "mommy troll" and pirates and and and….he really just wants to play with me and that feels awesome.

When I can play with Harry the dog and run in the backyard and set up the sprinkler and pick some flowers and scrapbook my memories….I love being at home.

I am so blessed to be a stay-at-home Mom.  Nothing could be better in the world that watching and being with my children as they grow.  The day to day.  Sometimes it is exhausting (like when you go to Wal-Mart for two hours because it takes so long to get through the store and the line), sometimes it is frustrating (when Colin gets up for the umpteeenth time during bedtime "because he needs to tell me something" and then can't think of anything to tell me), sometimes it is painful (when Benjamin got four separate shots today for his one-year well-baby checkup).  But most of the time?  It's wonderful.  Knowing that we have food (that I bought from Wal-Mart) and that my children will eat and grow.  Knowing that Colin will eventually go to sleep and just wants to be with us a bit more.  Knowing that the four shots Benjamin got are good for him and that they will prevent him from getting disease that could really hurt him.

My life rocks.