Bee-Bee-Doe, I see you! 

To the rest of the world…Peek-A-Boo.  

Do you ever find yourself *not* correcting your children on the correct way to say things because the way they *do* say things is gosh darn adorable?  We do it all the time.  Gillian has said "Bee-Bee-Doe" since she was wee tiny and I love it.  At our house we have "refrigifators"  "Indian and the Jones" (figure that one out – lol).  We had "Barbiteeto" for a long time until one too many viewings of Star Wars self-corrected it to R2D2.  I made lasagna last night and Gillian called it something like "bagongya."  Melt.

The way I figure is the world will teach them many things.  Some good. Some bad.  They will have their whole lives to learn and grow.  Do I have to be responsible for ALL their grammatical correctness?

Nope.  It ain't gonna happen.  In these parts, we'll say "Bee-Bee-Doe" forever.