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That is what today is.  Absolutely.  Right now it is 74 degrees.  Wow.  The air is (pretty) still, the birds are chirping, Colin is playing "Beach" and has his shirt off, a little hand towel for his beach blanket and Benjamin keeps wanting the Lemonade I made.  Days like this in February are few and far between so I’m going outside.

BUT before I do, I want to direct you to my new Photography weblog….at Bethany Fields Photography.  I have toyed with this idea for so long…actually starting a business doing the thing that I do anyway.  Taking pictures….of people of places of things. My plans right now are small but I have so many ideas bumping around in my head.  I’ll be posting lots of new information on the new weblog as soon as things become more clear.  Rest assured, this is still the main blog for information about family goings-on and also for scrapbook related stuff.  The other is just my little gallery so to say.  I hope you stop by!!

Now I’m going outside….who knew there was a beach in the middle of the Texas Panhandle?  Today there is.

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