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What. A. Doll.

Little man B was four weeks old on his session and while I normally like to photograph infants under 10 days old, he was a dream.  

Snuggled and bundled on a hot summer day, he slept cozy and only occasionally had a hard time falling back to sleep.  

I'll be posting more of his session sometime soon.

They. Are. Yummy.



Interested in a newborn session?

My top 10 tips for mom's (and dad's too)

  1. Most (if not all) of my newborn sessions take place in your home.  That way the baby (and you) can take breaks and be fed, be changed, be cuddled etc.  You have access to all the things you need and we have control over the environment.
  2. I always ask my newborn clients (well, their parents anyway…hardy har) to turn OFF the air conditioner or turn ON the heater (depending on the season).  Babies get cold easily and what feels nice to us, can feel downright awful to them.  Since we often take their photographs in their birthday suits/just a diaper cover, we want them to feel nice and cozy.
  3. I do bring props (bowls and blankets etc.) in a large suitcase.  When I show up at your home, please rest easy knowing I'm not really moving into your home.
  4. Newborn sessions usually take longer than normal portrait sittings.  We take lots of breaks, waiting for feedings and diaper changes.
  5. Even if the session is strictly for your baby, be ready to jump in a photo or two (or three, four or five!)…we can talk about your wardrobe when you call, so no worrying allowed. 
  6. If you have any heirloom baby items you would like to include, please let me know!  I love to incorporate items that are meaningful to you and yours.  
  7. I may move furniture around in your home when I first arrive.  I am a "light-chaser" and will be looking around your home for the best windows/backdrops etc.  
  8. Feed your baby before the appointment so he/she is nice and full.  Full tummies=sleepy, happy babies.
  9. is a great place to find little knitted/crocheted hats/blankets and headbands. Just search "newborn hat" or "newborn headband" and shop till you drop.
  10. If you are currently expecting and would like to book*, please contact me now so we can get you on the books.  I normally like to photograph infants *under* 10 days old and it is beneficial to know the time frame we are looking at for B-Day. (haha)   If baby comes before or after (!!) your due date, we can switch the appointment.  

*Ask about my maternity/baby plan when you contact me!!

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