I am not normally a night-blogger but just couldn't find the time today to sit down and talk to you.  Actually, I do talk all day and am a champion"mental" blogger but somehow those posts never make it to my nimble fingers and tappity keyboard.  On "normal" days (haha) I wake up, have coffee and do my daily readings, then hit the ground running with a set of that days "to-do's.  Ta da!

Since it is my goal to post at least once every day and since a post can't be pretty without a picture, posting can get bumped back and back and back based on said picture.  Somedays my inspiration comes early (like my pretty yogurt/blueberry/grape-nuts breakfast) but sometimes it doesn't come at all.  I've learned not to force inspiration….it just doesn't work for me and as an artist, crafter and creator, I've learned to let-go until the moment strikes.

The moment came tonight after I gave B and G a bath.  It's always been one of my favorite mommy-jobs and I just can't resist a just-out-of-the-bath baby with wet eyelashes and messy hair.  As I dried off her face and saw her beauty-in-bloom I just couldn't resist.

Hello, Inspiration.