I've been away.  Away from the hullabaloo of my normal day to the craziness of camping with my family.  No phones, no tv.  No laundry.

We returned last night and everything is normal again but in a foggy kind of way.  Emails to be answered, laundry pile smells of wood smoke.  Mail piled up.  Dog happy.

We saw and recorded in our vacation "log" license plates from 34 different states and 2 countries.  We played I-Spy until our I's eyes hurt.  We went through the alphabet naming everything we could think of IN THE CAR that began with that letter.  My favorite was the letter "G" for Guts (bugs of course).  

We wrote down memorable funny things we all said and heard.  Just a few:

"Mama, what's that smell?  It smells like Benjamin." ~ Gillian

"Good one Daddy" ~ Colin (story behind this too long to explain)

"I have just met you and I love you." ~ All of us courtesy of the movie UP we watched on the last night – snuggled around my Mac in the trailer.

I have around 300 pics and these are a few that I noticed right away.  I have no more time to edit or probably would have posted more.  

Sometimes though, I like to keep things just for me. 


Searching for stars with my love.

Running with Benjamin to get his coyote souvenir FINALLY.

Helping Gillian take a shower in the campground bathroom.

Cooking noodles inside the trailer and listening to my family having fun outside.

Sticky smores.

Playing soccer on the last morning.

Ice cream for dinner.