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Macy – Canadian Senior 2011 | Amarillo Senior Photographer

Sweet Macy.  Full of fun and spunk and determination.  This session took place on a windy, windy, windy day (don't they all?) and this beautiful Senior had it all planned out.  Since it was an out-of-town shoot for me, she had done some major legwork and had beautiful locations chosen.  This gave us plenty of time to play. Macy is headed to Texas Tech in the Fall and the idea of a larger city makes her glow and smile.  She has big plans and lots of dreams. Her excitement was catching and I found myself reminiscing about my own graduation and going off to college.  I didn't know then how free I was. Macy senses it though....that freedom and loosing.  Notice I didn't say "losing" because she's not losing anything.  Her mother was along for the session which is something I love.  And even though there are always tears and sentiment and love, there is so much pride and joy [...]

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Patrick – Lubbock Senior 2011 | Amarillo Lubbock Senior Photographer

Can I just say that this special Senior was one of the easiest, most relaxing sessions I've had yet this year. One look and his gentle spirit, infectious smile and kind heart just calm the room and make everyone at ease.  Patrick is a senior in Lubbock, Texas and when his mama called asking for photographs, I jumped in my car and headed South.   I love going to Lubbock for sessions.  Not only is it sort of like "going home" ( I lived there through college and the hubby is a proud Lubbockite), it's always great to get out of comfort zones and explore new places and locations.  We drove around, parked and walked around whenever we saw something cool.   Patrick has talent oozing from him.  He has these two great guitars and at one point, I asked "oh!  are you playing John Mayer?"  He laughed and said "No, I wrote that."  He's very, seriously good.  I told [...]

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Lil’ Sis | Amarillo Baby Photographer

Remember this sweet lil' thang from a few short months ago?  So round and soft and pudgy and perfect?  Well, I'm pleased to report she is still just so...only more babbly and expressive and wonderful! This sweet lil' miss is a member of my Baby Steps Club and she was due for her six months photographs! How fun for me!! One of the most fun parts of this age is their ability to be smiley and absolutely adorable and their lack of ability to scoot away from me.  haha.  Six months old is putty in my hands....*snicker*  Not to mention just about anything is hilarious to them.  Well, Miss S is very easily amused.  Isn't she cute? She made the cutest little expressions.  Here I think Daddy went outside the window we were perched in from of - "why is Daddy outside?" I think her eyes are pretty amazingly blue.  I love them. We borrowed Mommy's pearls for these shots. [...]

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Today | Amarillo Texas Photographer

Today is the day and I need to remember. Remember that there is food in the fridge and in the pantry enough for many meals, even if none of it is chocolate. Remember that the sun is shining and the birds are singing and the dog is barking and the laundry can wait. Remember that my children's loud squeals in the morning (before my coffee) are just expressions of happiness and that I can choose this too. Remember that getting through the t0-do list is not the goal, the goal is to enjoy doing.   Remember that a busy schedule means involvement and health and ability and blessings. Today is the day and I'm while I'm in the midst of a heavy shooting and editing schedule, sitting in dark curtain-closed rooms tap, tap, tapping away at the keyboard, peeking wistfully out at my garden dirt yard waiting for me, that the goal of today will be to rejoice and glorify. And [...]

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Friends | Amarillo Texas Photographer

So I love this mama and her family more than I can express.  We go way, way, way back to the days of heavy lipliner and big hair.  Half shirts and belly chains (me, not her.  haha!)  Days of leisure and no kids.  Somewhere along the way we lost each other and then, by complete surprise, found each other.  We found each other at Mother's Day Out.  I had just had Gillian.  She had only her oldest.  We cried and hugged and made people stare. We delighted in each other's children.  We slowly began to know each other again.   That was about three years ago and since then, our friendship has deepened and grown and blossomed.  We've had playdates, watched each other's children, shopped, drank wine, laughed, cried and prayed together.  We've traveled, we've eaten, we've talked and we've talked and we've talked.   So when she asked for pictures this past Fall, I knew where we would go. [...]

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Pink | Amarillo Texas Photographer

I saw this tree and knew it was for her. We ventured over before school was out one day...one big and one little.  Just her and just me. Her wearing my sister's vintage dress (that eventually was mine) and a purse made and painted by my sweet Grandma for my mother.  Playing. How could I have know how girls could be? How sweet they are. How blessed I am. Then, now and forever.  

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Transforming | Amarillo Texas Photography

Sitting here with my sweet Optimus Prime, mi numero uno, my first born.  We've watched cartoons, Harry Potter and now, Transformers.  It used to be Bob the Builder, Thomas and Curious George.  He's home today after a night of tummy issues that left him tired and weak.  Snuggled on the couch and feeling better, I sit and watch him watching.   There are so many things I remember about him, and many memories have to tug out from a distant darkened corner somewhere in my brain.  I have noticed something about him lately that I used to think was so far in the future.  The pulling away.  The apron strings being loosened.  The slight dismay at this mother that still wants control, control, control.  He is growing up. It's been so gradual, I didn't notice. Until. His exclamations when I ask if I can re-brush his teeth.  The jerk of the hand when I reach up to pick something off [...]

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A is for Archuleta | Amarillo Family Photographer

We prayed for no wind.  They brought me a Starbucks.  (They had me at Hello). This sweet and beautiful family stole my heart long before this day.  Getting to know one another through life groups at church, through worship together at church, through retreats and talks in the hallway at preschool drop off.  I wanted something different for them as they are most certainly a family seeking to make a difference.  We started out in downtown: Those two sweet baby boys - completely precious and precocious.  I always get my exercise with the little ones.  And perfect my funny sounds and jokes.  Sometimes they laugh and sometimes I get the just the look.  These are the photos I love. This little one grins with his entire body.   The wind through the alley caught her hair perfectly and her smile was genuine and delighted.  Could she be any more stunning? For Dad we must get cool album cover shots, right? [...]

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