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About Bethany

Artist, photographer, and mom.

December Solo Exhibit!

by Bethany | December 1, 2017 My solo show at Against the Wall Framing & Gallery is set to continue its last few weeks through this month of December.  My friend Billy,  Against the Wall's owner and framer extraordinaire, asked me to hang my available pieces in the neighboring space he has in his shop.  I took up about 25 pieces and it was delightful to hang them.  Many are paintings that have exhibited around the country, in New York and Dallas, New Orleans, and in neighboring cities around Amarillo. I have varying sizes and most would be considered "small-works" - you know how much I love a small jewel of a painting! I also put in several canvases of my macro and landscape photographs.  I've retired from taking photos of people but I still love to pick up my camera, go outside, and find something either [...]

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Holiday Cards 2017

I am in love!  My new 2017 holiday cards have arrived and are available in my shop and below. I painted these wreaths in pastel (you can see a glimpse of them on this post!) and then hand layered and created the cards.  They are printed on beautiful thick, soft cream cardstock by my professional lab.  I am so so happy with them!  I left them blank inside so you can script your own holiday messages. They'll arrive safely and with lots of love included. Designing print materials is delightful for me.  Creating the elements, painting, working with my hands and eyes, and then to see it all come together - warms my heart!   Finding just the right papers and backgrounds, even bundling them with the pretty striped twine I have.  I have a huge roll of it and think it might last me a lifetime! It's similar to this [...]

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Gift Certificates!

by Bethany | November 25, 2017 It is #shopsmall Saturday (or so says the internet...)! I have added gift certificates to my store! I often get emails from those wanting to purchase gifts but have no idea what their recipient might like.  This is a perfect option for a unique stocking stuffer.  These are printed certificates on beautiful cardstock and come wrapped for under the tree or in a stocking.  Shipping is free!  (the red stocking stuffer "seal" will not be present on yours). The gift certificate is available in a $50 increment.  If you would like more on the certificate, just add multiples to your cart and make sure to let me know if you want the amount split up for several gifts or all on one certificate. You can email me if you'd like something different. These are good towards my original paintings or for my fine giclee prints in my shop! You'll also [...]

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Letter to Myself…

by Bethany, November 22, 2017 **I wrote this post a year ago (see original here) but wanted to "bump" it especially for this week of Thanksgiving.  After I wrote this article I was contacted by my local PBS affiliate (Panhandle PBS) and participated in a program on Gratitude.  The program aired last year on Thanksgiving which coincidentally, occurred on my birthday.  I am a Thanksgiving baby and the older I grow, the more I realize how God intended it exactly this way.  I was born to give thanks and try to do my best everyday...this post is truly a sweet reminder to myself to be gentle, to keep going, and to look up every now and then. Here is the program - put it on and listen while you're making pie today. :)  I share the PBS "stage" with local poet Wes Reeves and local photographer Richard Douglass .  I talk about my early beginnings discovering the power of daily [...]

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Pastel Journal Giveaway – Winners!

by Bethany, November 21, 2017 Giveaway Time!!  I was excited to draw the winners for this week's giveaway of the December issue of Pastel Journal!   I loved getting all your emails and comments about this giveaway! It makes my day to hear from you. I'm so happy to be able to share this magazine with you and not just because I am in it.  This magazine is chock-full of wonderful art, beautiful lessons, and informative articles.  I have been a subscriber for a long time and always look forward to the new issues.  I have them saved and often refer back to them when I am needing to study, my inspiration needs a boost, or to re-familiarize myself with an artist. Watch to see who wins! Winners: Please email me with your mailing address! :)   Please note: This giveaway was in no way sponsored by Pastel Journal - I am giving [...]

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Guest Blogger – Jeff Ventola – Creating Space in Snowy Landscapes

by Bethany, November 20, 2017 I'm excited to share my guest blogger for this month - my friend Jeff Ventola!  Jeff is a pastel and oil painter living in New Hampshire and one of my first pastel friends and encouragers. Jeff is a talented artist who curates and administrates the FB group Purely Pastel Painters.  He is on instagram here. Jeff was awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2016 Pastel 100 by Pastel Journal magazine.  He paints, demos, and teaches near his home. (all images courtesy of Jeff Ventola, artist) Being from New Hampshire everywhere you turn it's easy to find breathtaking scenery.  However, my inspiration is derived from the one thing that sets New Hampshire apart from other locations.  It's not the gorgeous foliage, the wildlife or the dense mountainous regions, but the cold snowy winters that make it like no other. The saying here in New England is “If you don’t [...]

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Pastel Journal December 2017 – Plus a Giveaway!

by Bethany, November 13, 2017 I've shared a little about this on my various social media and newsletter outlets, but I'm so thrilled to have an article out for the December issue of Pastel Journal magazine!  This is a long-wished-for goal and I am thrilled and delighted with the results.  Thank you doesn't quite express my gratitude to the amazing people of the editorial and writing staff. Several months ago (waay back in the Spring), Anne Hevener, the editor-in-chief for the PJ, emailed me asking if they could feature me in the 2017 December issue.  Of course my immediate thought was "Of course!" followed by "do people really say no to this?"  She mentioned wanting to cover my work and especially the snowy scenes I paint (since it was the December issue after all).  This sent me into a mini panic as I didn't paint as much snow in the Winter of 2016 - early 2017 and was [...]

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Painting Autumn…

by Bethany, November 7, 2017 My Autumn painting challenge is here!  Use #bfpastelchallenge (see below!)  November and all its glory....seems each month gets richer, more vivid, more vibrant, more...more. The sunsets are rich, the trees are showing off, even the animals get fluffy and puffy. This piece "The Day, Lingering" - a 9x12" pastel on Uart, was an exercise in Autumn.  I began with a cool blue monotone underpainting, with my favorite Indigo Nupastel.  I like to think of it as a skeleton for the upper layers. I knew I wanted bold shadows, plays of warm and cool colors, yellow Fall grasses and the light source from the top left corner.  I had no reference except a mini-sketch I had made with a tree in the left third and shadows on the ground. I began by building up the layers slowly...increasing the lightness of the values and the intensity of the hue depending on where I wanted [...]

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