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About Bethany

Artist, photographer, and mom.

I am this and…

I am more than _____.  I am this and_____. What I am is growth.  I'm a garden of possibility....some parts of me are dormant, some parts are weeds, some of me needs pruning. Some of me needs watering, digging up, replanting. Some of me is flourishing and vibrant with fragrance. These are thoughts I have all the time. The thoughts between the ones I portray online or say out loud. I am so much more than what I do hear in this space.  I like people and puppies.  Special K cereal (with strawberries) is my favorite. I don't love pimento cheese and am trying to learn to be a runner. I love to paint but I also love to write and sing and dance and act and take photos of my children and flowers and the whiskers on a cat. I am not afraid to tear down a wall with a sledgehammer by myself but I am afraid of [...]

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Blue is a friend of mine…

Blue. The color of bright happy days, calm oceans, shady glens, laughing rivers, distant mountains. The color of clean water and sunny skies, Google tells me that blue is most often chosen as a favorite color amongst men and women and is the hue most worn in our daily lives and in our homes. Throughout history, the color blue was traditionally very scarce and very, VERY expensive. We are surrounded by sky and water but unfortunately, we can't pluck out water or hold sky in our hands. Beginning in 2200 BC, the Egyptians discovered the first synthetic pigment - "Egyptian blue" -  through chemical reactions discovered by mixing silica, lime, copper, and alkali. I'm pretty sure I made a "C" in chemistry so thank heaven for the Egyptians. Many, many chemical discoveries later, we have a lovely list of blues: Ultramarine & French Ultramarine (this is a wonderful article) Indigo (plant-based but now mostly synthetic) Cobalt (my boys will be happy [...]

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October Fun Finds

I loved painting this piece!  I had a goal in mind to avoid greens at all cost and use plenty of golds, purples, blues, and neutrals. If you follow me on Instagram, maybe you saw this come together in my "Instagram Story" which is a fun way of sharing video to my followers. If you're unfamiliar with Instagram, it is a photo/image sharing form of social media and one that I have come to love!  You can find my page here (my "handle" is "@bfields"). This piece is available on my portfolio site at Please email or message me for details. I don't know what it is about the Fall (maybe the plethora of magazines/catalogs that arrive in my mailbox), but it always makes me feel like browsing and updating my home. My fun finds list for this month includes ideas for gifts for friends/family (Christmas is looming larger and larger!).  Miss G has firmly [...]

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"A Golden Crown" 9x11 pastel on paper - Bethany Fields 2017 Cool nights, that weather that makes you put on a sweater and then shed it by 3:00.  I love the sound of crows in the trees and how everyone puts pumpkins and mums on their porch.  People walk a little more briskly and everyone is excited for the next Friday football game. The kids are in full school-swing.  First 6 weeks is over and they have decided whether they love or don't-love their teachers. The sun is setting earlier. The light is a little longer. The sudden realization that it is FALL and soon it will be Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas...a new Year? I'm a little more tender towards 2017 today.  Taking a day moment by moment.  Flicking my son's hair out of his eyes.  Brushing my daughter's hair until it is silky smooth. Saying "yes" to as many things as I can. Today is a new day and [...]

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May I have a moment?

Some recently sold and pieces currently on exhibit. Oh May!  The most beautiful, glorious, BUSY month around.  Kids are busy with wrapping up school, bringing all the activities, parties, awards, games, etc.  Show season is ramping up...submissions due and paintings to ship! Lots of spreadsheets around and lists reminding our family of five exactly what today entails.  I try to take it one deadline at a time, one job, one "to-do." I had the pleasure of an invitation to "The Art on the Llano Estacado" at the very end of April in Lubbock, Texas at the Museum of Texas Tech.  A wonderful weekend full of art, friendship, and more art!  It is always delightful and insightful to meet new artists, view their work, and talk technique.  It was especially wonderful to be amazingly pampered by the board of the Museum  during the weekend's activities.  What a special affair they sponsor and the effort to honor the artists was unique [...]

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Within the Waves Pastel Painting

This week's YouTube installment has me painting a scene from a favorite memory: The last night spent with friends on the Kona coast of The Big Island. Laughing, watching the waves, talking, being quiet. We felt like the luckiest people on Earth to see and share that moment together. The sun setting and the waves crashing...I can hear and see it even now! I've painted this scene before on a larger scale.  The painting "The Last Evening There" is available here.  It was a fun challenge to whittle the painting down to this smaller size (finished version is about 8.5x4.25").  Painting small works forces you into less marks and more refined decisions.  Focusing on the key elements is imperative because basically, there's no room for all of them! It is a challenge to work those big sticks in such a small area and if you're struggling with small works pieces, I encourage to [...]

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Warm Underpainting

Hi everyone! Today I painted a sweet and simple painting for you indicative of many of the daily paintings I create.  The key to a daily painting is small, fast, and simple.  Remember to be gentle with yourself in this process.  Not every painting needs or should be a concerted effort to create your masterpiece.  This is a warm-up to the days studio work and much larger pieces.  Think of it as a child would.  Practice your scales before you learn to play Chopin. Enjoy the process.  Soon you'll be whipping these out easily! If you're not a daily painter or find that a daunting idea, I recommend this book by Carol Marine to inspire you. Marine's medium is oil but the concepts are ideas are universal. Daily painting is the number one way I learned my techniques. I began a concerted effort several years ago to paint everyday and to teach myself the habit of creativity.  Yes, creativity [...]

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Morning has Broken

Monday and it's late afternoon already! How did that happen?  Where did my weekend full of luxurious time flitter away to? Back to work but luckily, my work is my joy.  How lucky am I?! Kids already almost all home from school...I like it when they come in full of the smell of the sun, hair rumpled.  They flop down in various places in the house. The birds outside are tweeting their Spring love songs... Morning has Broken - 12x18" pastel on paper Bethany Fields, PSA 2017 Tomorrow it will be raining - a wonderful thing here in my dry part of Texas.  The spring calves are being born with hardworking rancher's help and the winter wheat is growing for the farmers.  Such a time of life and renewal.  Spring is always welcome and thankfully, always perfectly on time.  It is springing everywhere and I am ready for the warmth and sun. No matter how much I love [...]

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