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Mondays bring….

school for Colin…get up…put clothes on…eat cereal and BRUSH YOUR HAIR.  They also bring early morning coffee and (today) sunshining through windows.  

Mondays bring…

cartoons for B and G, reacquainting with email and computer time for me.  More morning coffee and then some more.  Maybe cereal, or toast or oatmeal.  Today nothing as I've got a brunch to go to in just a bit with some lovely girls whom I love.  

Mondays bring…

messy house from fun weekend having "adventures" in the living room with not one, or two…but THREE castles. (well, third is really a Batcave but it sure looks castle-y).  Lots of laundry from avoiding all chores.

Mondays bring…

looking at week activities.  Appointments and shoots and schedules.  Cub Scouts, church, dinners and work. Lots of editing.  Lots and lots.

This Monday brought…

Russell's much-anticipated mission trip to Nicaragua.  A few tears (okay, a lot) from me and prayers, words and encouragement to him and the team.  Expectations and excitement and joy and praise.  He left me these and sweet kisses to remember while he's gone.


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