Today’s quote in my Farmer’s Almanac calendar says:

How softly runs the afternoon

Beneath the billowy clouds of June!

~Charles Hanson Towne (American Poet – 1877-1949)

I really like this calendar from the Old Farmer’s Almanac.  It’s full of neat tips for gardening, weather, outdoors and such, has great clip art and it’s pretty on my desk!  I try to make "entries" into it everyday about the little things we have done, what we ate for dinner (helpful sometimes) and misc. information.  For instance, I look back at February 21 of this year and the entry says:

KK – 9-3:00

Coffee with K

Work on SB Pages

Pasta Primavera – YUM!

and on January 21 of this year:

drive back – Jamie ->Boys babysitter

6:00 – reservations at Macaroni Joe’s

8:00 – "Odyssey" @ Ama. Glove News Center

Some of it is criptic but for the most part, I like looking back to see our "going’s on" around here.  Some weeks I don’t enter and I invariably miss my little entries – I like proving the fact that I have been productive!  ­čÖé

It’s also a great way to remember dates for your journaling on sb pages.  If I know the month I did something, I just flip through for a little reminder about the day…easy!  I’ve been doing this for about three years and really love flipping back through the years…

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