Afternoon Light | Amarillo Texas Fine Art Photography

The afternoon light streams in my windows and while I was in a mad-cleaning frenzy today (doesn't happen very often so gotta work with it) I caught this image of my kitchen.  I'm currently obsessed with color and lucky for me, my kitchen has a good dose of it.  I don't normally have fresh flowers in such abundance but lucky (again) for me, it was just Valentine's Day.  :)  My kitchen goes through great upheaval in a day….cereal spills are common (and juice and yogurt and milk) and we often have school papers, to-do-lists and recycling (yet to be taken out to the garage) strewn across the countertops and table.  It is our little haven and while sometimes I don't love being in there (cooking and I have a tempestuous relationship), today when I snuck this picture, I realized how much I like my little cooking space.  My space with a great view and a red island and pretty flowers and food that I am so blessed to have stored away in a small but tidy pantry.  


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