A New Year…

is always an exciting time!  Too bad I’ve been feeling a bit yucky….just another bug going around, I think…

Anyway, I’m not really big on Resolutions as I think they always get broken.  I just like to call them New Goals or as Ali Edwards says in the new CK Magazine,  "Intentions" 

I like that so much better.  So….here is a quote to spur me on.  I’ve posted this on my blog before – waaaay back last year….but it is so inspiring to me.  Love it.

"Do or get eight of the following things every day and you’ll not only look but also feel beautiful:  hours of sleep; big glasses of water; minutes of personal quiet time; blocks (or miles of walking); fruits and vegetables; deep breaths for relaxation; smiles" ~ Desiree Jordan

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  1. danielle January 5, 2006 at 9:26 pm - Reply

    HAPPY NEW YEAR B!! hope you’re doing well!! ­čÖé

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