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We got dressed hurriedly.  Running late and with my travel mug set, we were on our way to the pumpkin patch. She wore a shirt my dear Grandma made for me long ago and that I’ve treasured and kept for my own little one.  Plus, it just looked pumpkin patch-y.

We got there, hopped out of the car.  Her class was lined up and ready for some farm fun.  All the mommies were swirling around their youngsters…eager to make memories.  See that?  Look over there.  Come this way and let’s enjoy the day!  Everyone was exclaiming  and pointing and teaching. She was not so sure.  Remember the pout?  

She stood resolutely.  Hands stiff at her side and not wanting to acknowledge the fun of the big pumpkin blow up jump toy or even the barrel train pulled by a miniature John Deere tractor.  I encouraged and walked with her.  Hugged her and picked her up.  When she sucked her thumb that was already dirty with farm dust, I let her.

Then…she saw him.  

_DSC8406She forgot about the kids running around.  She forgot about what she was supposed to do.  She forgot about the giant pumpkin jump toy.    She found him…and fed him hay.  Piece after piece.  He (of course) gobbled it up.  She was calm and peaceful and  the pout melted away.   Such a simple act.  

And then, by the time we made it over to the other giant pillow jump toy buried in sand (pretty cool, btw). She smiled.

And had so much fun.


No Fashion Friday today folks….look for it next week!  Interested in this pumpkin patch? It’s super fun and you can go every weekend this October:  Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm  There’s bunnies (oh she loved this part), hayrides, pick your own pumpkins, mazes, toy duck races, hay pyramids to climb and lots of other fun-for-the-family type stuff.  Next time we go, she’s already asked to jump in the giant pumpkin.  And to see the nanny goat again.  Maybe she’s a farm girl after all.   


EDITED TO ADD:  “There’s bunnies?”  Did I really type that?  Oh Mrs. Moutos from 12th grade AP English would shiver.  Let me correct.  There ARE bunnies.  Many of them.  And they have cute bunny houses shaped like local restaurants and businesses.  There.  Corrected.

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  1. Lynn Hutson October 8, 2010 at 10:40 am - Reply

    Hey, I do the reservation, etc. for Maxwell’s and you brightened my day! These are precious! Thank you!

  2. Becka October 8, 2010 at 1:01 pm - Reply

    These are so great! What a great capture of her day!

  3. monica October 8, 2010 at 5:07 pm - Reply

    Great lifestyle shots!! She is a doll!!

  4. Rene October 8, 2010 at 8:29 pm - Reply

    I’m so proud of you … for so many things. But telling a story in pictures and descriptive, heart-felt words makes you happy and us, too! Are these archived? Thank you for loving the shirt and your little girl, even when she pouts.

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