I digress from my normal format for my morning series…but I had these three pretty pictures that just wanted to be shared.  Here you see my old Pastel box – a leftover Leapster box from Christmas morn snatched up by me and converted…lined with printer paper and sort-of organized into color groups.  I recently ordered a new pastel box – one that closes like a briefcase, has handy little slots (I'll use them until I acquire more colors  – then you can remove them)…and looks pretty.  Is so much more portable as I hope to attempt some plein air painting soon…and also because I do worship art at the church and need something like this.  When I was moving my pastels into their new home, (this can actually be time-consuming as you need to organize according to hue, chroma and value…AND usually clean your pastels because they've gotten all mumble-jumbled and dirtied  one another) I uncovered this messy, dusty, colorful and yet beautiful paper that came out of the old box – it was art on its own and in a completely random and unintentional way.  Don't you love it when things happen like that?  



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