I have declared this week as the Fields Cleaning the House Week.  My house is so messy and cluttered and dirty! I despise looking at the baseboards and seeing dust and dirt – it messes up my mood and my creative process and makes me grouchy.  I just see "work" all around me instead of creative possibilities or playtime or hang-out-in-the-backyard time.  So…my answer is to concentrate on one room at a time this week.  Yesterday it was our bathroom.  I got out my trusty kitchen (and time-out) timer and set it for 15 minutes.  With my handy bucket of cleaning schtuff handy, I set to work and scrubbed and cleaned till that bathroom shined!  I still have some work to do around the edges of the baseboards but it's the cleanest room in the house now! yea!  I also made an effort to clean out the drawers – specifically, my makeup drawer.  Blech.  Ick!  What was I thinking holding onto Maybelline Lilac Perfection lipstick for something like four YEARS??  What is the lifespan of makeup (especially ugly PURPLE makeup?) anyway?  Not that long – let me tell you!  So….my makeup drawer is clean and full of only stuff I wear and Ifeel so much better about opening that drawer now. 

So….today my cleaning routine will continue on the baseboards of my bathroom and into our closet…*shudder.*  I'm going to keep plugging away – who's with me??

You can do anything for 15 minutes. Do it right now.  Start with your makeup drawer – who else has some ugly lipstick lurking from like the early 90's??  Post the colors here – maybe it'll make us all laugh! hee!