How to make Monster Pudding - mix up some plain Jello vanilla pudding…adding a few drops of green food coloring.  Lick the bowl.  Squeeze out some yummy Hershey's syrup onto a separate plate and lick your fingers.  Dip a clean paintbrush into the syrup and paint the inside of a clear cup (glass or plastic) with a spooky or funny face.  Lick the paintbrush if you want (but that's kinda gross).  Carefully spoon in green pudding – making sure not to smear the face.  Lick spoon. Crush up Oreo cookies (after you eat some, of course) and sprinkle on the top for hair.  Lick fingers and lips and dig in. 

(I *believe* I tore this page out of an older BH&G or maybe the free Kraft Food and Family magazine…so kudos to them for creating this cute and easy dessert that certain little 5 year old boys LOVE.)

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