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Thought it was time today for a nice morning shot.  I think I started this "series" (haha!) back in March or April having been inspired by the work of Stephanie Congdon Barnes and her friend Maria Alexandra Vettese.  They live 3191 miles apart and decided to communicate each day through a series of photos.  They have two books (find them here and here) and I think this is just the shizz.  I had great intentions of doing this every day for a year but um…life happened and I didn't.  So I'm picking it back up and have not-so-grand illusions of doing this everyday when I can fit it into my schedule.  There…feels better.  No pressure. 

My goal is to compile at least enough to print out my own little book a la Mpix.com for my family…


edited to add: if you want to see the rest of my morning shots – just click on the "mornings" category underneath this post (next to the permalink and in pink).

Another edited to add: I'm having a November special over at my site ( www.bethanyfields.com )  Check it out!!

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  1. Heidi October 29, 2009 at 6:14 am - Reply

    Great shots. looking forward to see more.When you have the time.I love yellow flowers, make me happy.

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